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Krisha Patel

Research Intern, ECHO. University of Massachusetts, Boston

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Krisha Patel, a driven college freshman, exudes passion for STEM and community service. She has a passion for research and is an active leader in her community. She recently concluded an internship at NASA, where she worked with NASA scientists to research globular clusters. Krisha also participated in the New Jersey Governor's STEM scholars' program where she developed an accessory device that joins two pieces of filament in 3D printing. In addition to this device, Krisha has developed many apps and prototypes that have received local, state, and national recognition. She has served as an officer in a number of national organizations, most recently as a national officer to 170,000 students worldwide. She plans to continue working in the field of medical technology and hopes to develop more innovative devices and programs that will benefit those in need. Krisha is committed to making a lasting impact on society through her work. 


krisha dot patel002 at umb dot edu

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